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Tecamac Power Center
Carretera Federal Mexico-Pachuca Km. 36.5, Hueytenco
Tecamac de Felipe de Villanueva, EM 55740
Tecamac Power Center


Tecamac Power Center is located in the MUnicipality of Tecamac in teh State of Mexico. It is loicated on Fedral Highway 85 going from Mexico City to Pachuca; approximately 2 kilometers on the Southern side of downtown Tecamac.

The neighbourhood can be characterized as a low income residential area, with some retail zoning along the main highway.  Excellent location in terms of exposure and accessibility. Tecamac Power Center is located within a consolidated retail area and densely populated residential zone towards Northern Mexico City



For Lease
Type: Retail
Total SF: 812,198
Metro Area: Tecamac

Leasing Manager

Tania Varguez
p.  +52 (55) 5284 0008

Senior Retail Asset Manager

Alejandro Mota
Pedregal 24, piso 21, Col. Molino del Rey
Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México 11040
p.  +52 (55) 9178-7729


Tecamac Power Center

  Coming Available
Available Spaces
CR-01 538 SF   D-03 969 SF  
E-05 1,033 SF   E-10 840 SF  
FF-9 251 SF   FS-01 11,184 SF  
M-01 646 SF  
Current Tenants
A-01 Wal-Mart 157,258 SF
A-02 CV Directo 269 SF
A-03 CV Directo 269 SF
A-05 Estetica D'Belle 538 SF
A-06 Colchas Concord 269 SF
A-07 Colchas Concord 269 SF
A-08 Telcel 646 SF
A-09 USA Shoes 646 SF
A-10 Opticas Devlyn 646 SF
A-11 Santa Clara 646 SF
A-12 Movistar 646 SF
A-13 Imagen Visual 646 SF
A-14 Tropic 646 SF
A-15 Tropic 646 SF
A-16 Fraiche Cupcakery 646 SF
A-17 G&K 646 SF
A-18 W Pasty 1,615 SF
ALMACEN Fábricas De Francia 72,914 SF
B-01 Suburbia 64,552 SF
B-02 Lineas 646 SF
B-03 Lineas 646 SF
B-04 Ferrioni 667 SF
B-05 Ferrioni 667 SF
B-06 Ferrioni 667 SF
C-01 Cinépolis 28,632 SF
CR-02 China King 538 SF
CR-03 Hamburguesas Marisol 538 SF
CR-04 Trompo Inn 560 SF
CR-05 Subway 538 SF
CR-06 La Michoacana 538 SF
CR-07 El Huarachazo 560 SF
CR-09 Coppel 538 SF
CR-10 Coppel 538 SF
CR-11 Asadero Beef 538 SF
CR-12 Burguer King 538 SF
D-01 Fun Central 82,183 SF
D-02 Converse 969 SF
D-04 Tunel Sport 969 SF
D-05 Chido One Bags 969 SF
D-06 Quarry 969 SF
D-07 Quarry 969 SF
D-09 Quarry 969 SF
D-10 Nutrisa 484 SF
D-11 Nutrisa 484 SF
E-01A Coppel 9,963 SF
E-01B Dxtivo 31,937 SF
E-02 Atleticos 689 SF
E-03 Atleticos 689 SF
E-04 Atleticos 689 SF
E-06 CFE 1,033 SF
E-07 CFE 1,033 SF
E-08 Totto 1,033 SF
E-09 Prendamex 1,023 SF
FF-1 Telcel 349 SF
FF-2 Telcel 433 SF
FF-3 Telcel 434 SF
FF-4 Telcel 443 SF
FF-5 Telcel 458 SF
FF-6 Telcel 454 SF
FF-9A Mi Dulce Chamoy 185 SF
FF-10 Enjoy 517 SF
FS-02 Kentucky Fried Chicken 11,345 SF
FS-03 Burger King 10,603 SF
FS-04A Colchones Atlas 3,832 SF
FS-04B Econolube 4,284 SF
FS-05 The Home Depot 97,755 SF
FS-06 Fly Boys 2,843 SF
H-01 Sam's Club 186,000 SF
H-02 Little Caesar'S 5,177 SF
I-01 Office Max 18,299 SF
I-02 Muebles Dico 900 SF
I-03 Muebles Dico 900 SF
I-04 Muebles Dico 900 SF
I-05 Muebles Dico 900 SF
I-06 Muebles Dico 900 SF
I-07 Muebles Dico 900 SF
I-08 Muebles Dico 900 SF
I-09 Muebles Dico 900 SF
J-01 D'Europe Muebles 1,247 SF
J-02 D'Europe Muebles 1,247 SF
J-03 D'Europe Muebles 1,247 SF
J-04 D'Europe Muebles 1,247 SF
J-05 D'Europe Muebles 1,247 SF
J-06 D'Europe Muebles 1,247 SF
J-07 Pereira Barbier Shop & Hair Salon 1,001 SF
K-01 La Ribera 1,324 SF
K-02 Flexi 1,001 SF
K-03 Pasos 1,001 SF
K-04 Prichos 1,001 SF
K-05 Iusacell 1,001 SF
K-06 Marti 1,001 SF
K-07 Marti 1,001 SF
K-08 Marti 1,001 SF
K-09 Steren 1,141 SF
L-02 Efectimundo 646 SF
L-03 Efectimundo 646 SF
L-04 Efectimundo 646 SF
L-05 Radio Shack 716 SF
L-06 Radio Shack 716 SF
L-07 Zapaterias 2 Hermanos 1,163 SF
L-09 Zapaterias 2 Hermanos 1,163 SF
L-10 Bancomer 1,399 SF
L-11 Zapaterias 2 Hermanos 1,163 SF
L-12 Bancomer 1,399 SF
L-13 Grabasa 1,728 SF
L-14 Grabasa 1,728 SF
L-15 Movistar 1,733 SF
L-16 Scotiabank 1,938 SF
L-17 Scotiabank 1,938 SF
M-02 Aldo Conti 646 SF
M-03 Amour 646 SF
M-04 Aldo Conti 646 SF
M-05 Aldo Conti 646 SF
M-06 Aldo Conti 646 SF
M-07 Bela Form 646 SF
M-08 Banamex 829 SF
M-09 Pekitas 646 SF
M-10 Banamex 829 SF
M-11 Mueblería De Hierro 646 SF
M-12 Banamex 829 SF
M-13 Gamers 646 SF
M-14 Banamex 829 SF
M-15 Gamers 646 SF
M-16 Banamex 829 SF

Tecamac Power Center

Tecamac Power Center

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